Vader + Supports: NEOCAESAR & Seita

do. 5 apr
Deuren open: 19:30
€ 15,00

Vader komt naar Leiden!!


Over the years, Seita has developed and crafted a brand of “in your face” thrash/death metal inspired by the formative years of bands in these genres. Their main focus back then was to write good songs that were indicative of their time, but still relevant today. Seita has continued in this tradition. No shallow displays of technical prowess or vapid trend revivals for these guys. Their 2nd album Maleditus Mundi was released in Nov 2017 in a packed Melkweg Amsterdam. Aardschok gave a raving review as well as: PItkings (9,1), (8,2) and No Clean Singing praised the album as one of the best in death/thrash in 2017.

Michel Gambini – Vocals / Guitars
Pablo Minoli – Guitars
Diego Gomez – Bass
Damian Lopez – Drums

NEOCAESAR is a new Dutch death metal band formed by Mike van Mastrigt and Bart van Wallenberg. All four NEOCAESAR members are well-known from the early SINISTER glory days.
If you like albums as “Diabolical summoning” and “Hate” you should look out for NEOCAESAR.

Vocals: Mike van Mastrigt (Houwitser, Ex-Sinister)
Guitars: Bart van Wallenberg (Ex-Sinister)
Bass: Michel Alderliefsten (Houwitser, Ex-Sinister)
Drums: Eric de Windt (Temple, Ex-Sinister, Ex-Severe Torture)